The Present Perfect
The Present Perfect
Fine Art Wedding Photojournalism in Hawaii and California

The Present Perfect specializes in artistic wedding photojournalism. To our team, romance isn’t just in the grand gestures, it’s also hiding in the in-between — fractions of a second bursting with grace and depth and wonder. We thrive in this space; the fine line between presence and observation, between stillness and action. Here we find beauty, magic, and art in the everyday. These are real, beautiful, true-life love stories.

A documentary storytelling approach means that my team and I keep an unobtrusive, compassionate record of your event so you can focus on celebrating your marriage. Our tools are intuition and sensitivity— to light, color, emotion, and nuance. The myriad cameras we carry merely record what we see and feel as we experience your wedding day with you.

Two photographers are suggested for most weddings. Trained in editorial, commercial, and fashion photography, the styles of our team members complement one another, and each person is chosen for their unique perspective, professionalism and, yes, aloha spirit.




Originally from the Big Island, I began my photography career in Los Angeles where I shot with and assisted top advertising and celebrity wedding photographers. Almost a decade later I returned home and founded The Present Perfect, providing the same high-quality photography and customer service to wedding and event clients in Hawaii and beyond.

I consider myself a fine art photojournalist, adept at capturing both the headlines of your love story and the in-between moments that make your beautiful life unlike any other.

I believe that the present-- this very moment-- is perfect.

What it really comes down to is this: I see the love that surrounds you and I feel the magnitude of all the tiny moments that make up your real, true life. Photography is a valuable way to relive your favorite day again and again, and I've found that the most truthful, heartfelt, and meaningful photographs are made when I stand back and let you live in the present.

My eyes and my heart are wide open.

- Michelle

Photo:  Erica Chan

Photo: Erica Chan